Extraordinary precision and
elegance… undoubtedly as
authentic an experience of
washoku and omotenashi as
London has to offer.

David Sexton
London Evening Standard
Exceptionally tender, marbled
meat, the Holy Grail of the
steak world.

Steve Dinneen
City A.M.
I am blown from here to
Kyoto and back.

Giles Coren
The Times
It can’t fail to elicit a gasp of
joy… the dishes resemble
miniature masterpieces.

Hilary Armstrong
Telegraph Luxury
Serving up Kobe beef, sushi and
sashimi this intimate space is the
place for a modern, yet totally
authentic, taste of Japan.

Fred Quick
Quintessentially Insider
An arrangement of raw fish and
beef sparkled like gemstones
in the dim light – tumescent
salmon roe, lustrous squid with
caviar and radish, blood red
tuna toro and seared Kobe that
looked like a delta seamed
with fat”