Set within the heart of Piccadilly, Engawa is one of London’s most
authentic and traditional Japanese restaurants, specialising in the
delicacy of Kobe beef alongside a stunning selection of fresh sushi
and sashimi.

One of just a handful of Japanese
restaurants in London to offer Kobe
– the most exclusive beef in the
world often called the ‘caviar of
meat’ – we are the only UK
restaurant to import the entire Kobe
cow and as such can offer a wide
range of cuts including sirloin, rump,
fillet, rib-eye and oyster blade steaks
as well as a creative selection of
sushi, sashimi and sake.
Our intimate dining room, designed
by Satomi Hatanaka, seats 29 for
lunch and dinner as well as stools at
the pass offering a fascinating
insight into the workings of an
authentic Japanese kitchen in central
London. A number of striking design
features include a stunning piece of
resin artwork positioned above the
open kitchen and an eye-catching
light arrangement decorated with
hand-stenciled Kanji writing.